About Us

Passionate about our work!

WeLabel is pioneering in Private Labeling, Product Development & Sourcing services, helping our clients launch successful brands on time with innovative ideas, customized solutions, and comprehensive resources.

Our team handles the full process of building your brand or fulfilling your product, from vision, product development, design, packaging, production to logistics. Utilizing the latest technology and a talented workforce, WeLabel establishes your brand’s products with unique features, branding, positioning, and unsurpassed levels of quality. Our aim is to work with SMEs, brand owners and entrepreneurs to build mutually beneficial relationships based on transparency, trust, and integrity to secure the best deal.

Our Vision

At WeLabel, we have developed standardized operating procedures that allow us to facilitate effective private labelling & product development for our clients. We are confident that our experience in the Chinese markets, having an extensive understanding of product customization, using the latest technologies, as well as our large supplier’s database, enables us to help the clients in creating and developing successful trademarks.

Our Mission

Bringing your vision to life with professionally crafted products is our goal! Throughout the entire process, WeLabel will incubate your ideas while assisting you along the way, to turn your vision into profitable products. From China to the world, we are a one-stop shop for your trademark requirements, providing a holistic and hassle-free service for all your product requirements.

Our Strategy

At WeLabel, we are a customer-centric group; we strive to understand the brand’s vision and product strategy. It is fundamental to our partnership and our process to obtain a brand’s identity and research each brand’s market segment, consumer, and competitive landscape. Being transparent is a necessity for our strategy that is why we provide documentation of the whole process while using a powerful project management software.

Our Values

We strive to exceed industry standards and customer expectations by following proper values.
Innovation: We remain at the forefront of our industry with innovative solutions.
Teamwork: We believe that collaboration and proper communication is the key to success.
Respect: Our business partners & employees are to be valued and rewarded.
Accountability: We stay true to our word and fulfill our commitments.
A Will to Win: Throughout our organization, we demonstrate a strong drive to win.
Transparency: We communicate in an open, direct, and honest manner.

Our Industries

At WeLabel, the following products are developed and produced with years of experience and highest technology:

Apparel, Textiles & Accessories

Bags, Shoes & Accessories


Electrical Equipment, Components

Gifts, Sports & Toys

Health & Beauty

Lights & Construction

Metallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & Plastics

Machinery, Industrial
Parts & Tools

Packaging, Advertising
& Office Supplies

Our services are not limited to these items. We offer customized assistance to all our customers. Our procurement representatives and engineers will handle finding the right vendors to accommodate your needs. As for the inspection phase, a certain specialist will take care of the process depending on the specified field.

Quality Control & Management

We are committed to ensuring a high standard of quality control for our clients. Our philosophy at WeLabel is to recognize quality control as the most important aspect of the process of researching, designing, and developing a private label. Since we have decades of experience developing trademarks and brands, we employ rigorous inspections and testing procedures to ensure that each product satisfies our clients' requests. With multiple engineers and inspectors on sight, every step gets documented to be put in a detailed inspection report to validate the whole process.

Why a Private Label?

A surge in the development of private labels and trademarks in recent years has been due to the expanding potential in global markets and the relative ease to reach new clients. Several recent technological developments have made it easier for investors to enter the market with their own product. As a result of these developments, individuals worldwide can now make purchases with a click of a button.

Best Practices

We work for the benefit of our clients!
In our business model, we only work for the benefit of the buyer and do not have any preferred supplier relationship. In this way, we are completely focused on the client's objectives and the improvement of their procurement performance.

Total Transparency & Auditability

One of our core values is maintain high levels of trust with our clients, therefore every step is thoroughly documented and the suppliers we partner with are rigorously audited.

Team Members

Khalil Jilani

General Manager


Mohammed Al Aqqad

Business Development Manager


WeLabel Team Members

Wang Jin

Sourcing Officer

WeLabel Team Members

Wen Liu

Innovation Officer

WeLabel Team Members

Lin Huang

Quality Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of your most common questions below. We would be happy to hear from you. Contact our team using the form or request a callback from a consultant.

As an independent agency, our procurement is objective and documented. The suppliers we work with are recommended on merit basis as well as specific project requirements. 

Yes! We have extensively trained our sales team on all our products as well as a product development team that is able to customize and create the product you desire.

The answer is a definite yes. China now manufactures most high-end products, including smartphones, vehicles, and medical equipment. The important thing to remember, however, is that you get what you pay for.

Our clients range from small to large multinational companies that are seeking to import from emerging markets for export or for local operations.

Whether you are looking for a simple logo and design or a range across the high street, our team of designers can help you realize your vision. 

Our service charges start at 0%! We look forward to long-term cooperation. We are committed to helping small and medium businesses grow, therefore, our service charges are calculated according to each project’s requirements and while maintaining a high-quality of service.

Our services include negotiating with suppliers for samples,
production, packaging, arranging for FBA shipping, organizing quality control and more. 
Once a quotation is approved, upon request we will arrange samples from suppliers. They are then sent to customers for to view the actual product before mass production is initiated.