Entrepreneurs world wide are opting for creating their own private label brands on and off e-commerce marketplaces to stand out from bigger retailers. Recently, global sellers are having a continuously increasing presence on Amazon, and that is making the competition fierce. In order to succeed in your quest for a unique brand, it is crucial to have an experienced partner in China who will make your idea bloom. Our team at WeLabel is ready to guide you through the process, and to take on that adventure with you.


Create your own brand


Benefits of Creating Your Own Brand

Whether you are an individual entrepreneur looking to make your mark in your field, or a small business owner looking to grow your sales, creating your own brand offers a number of benefits.


Double Your Profit

Private labeling and creating your own brand can be very profitable. The good thing is that it doesn’t need a lot to start. Neither a lot of money nor extensive experience. The ability to customize helps you to create a line of products that covers all the general and specific market demands. Simply put, it gives you more control over your business and on what the end product will look like.

By using private or white labeling techniques, you can create products that are sure to impress your customers. That will in turn create a better experience for them, which will eventually make them your loyal customers. The money you have invested in your company in the beginning will double.

With WeLabel, you can build the brand of your dreams. White labeling with us will be a hassle-free process that will eliminate most of the headaches any entrepreneur or brand owner must go through.


Increase Your Sales

Businesses that already sell nationally recognized products could sell three times as much by offering their customers their own signature brand of the same products. Would you imagine that? You can triple your sales by offering private label products to your customers!

When you use our services, the headache and stress of private labeling will disappear. Utilizing our network of trusted manufacturers, we will work on making sure that the final product is up to your standards and requirements. All the heavy lifting will be done by our professional team and therefore allowing you to focus on your sales strategy.


Distinguish Your Brand

You secretly dread the question: How do I differentiate myself from my competition? But it’s a valid question! Private labeling gives you the ability to call the shots and create an image for your brand. You can create a distinct and unique identity for your brand with private labeled products. If you build your own private label, you’ll offer your customers an experience they can’t get anywhere else, not in small boutiques, not in the store up the road, not even from other online retailers. The products will be exclusive to you. To purchase the goods, your target consumers will come to you and you alone.


The Process of Creating Your Own Brand with WeLabel


Step 1 – Taking Input and Requirements

To begin, we need to gather your input, including your expectations, requirements, and specifications. To screen the suppliers in our database, we must also take into account the desired quantity. This is the first step in creating your own brand.

Step 2 – Analyzing the Data and Input

Through a detailed benchmarking process, WeLabel experts will match inputs with best-fit suppliers during the analysis phase. By adopting proper supply chain management practices, our team may propose minimal changes to the requirements in order to achieve the best ROI.

Step 3 – Quotation

We will provide you with a wide range of tailored quotes from different vendors after the analysis phase has been completed. With a final trading document, we will confirm important information such as incoterms, minimum order quantities, price and approximate timelines for your project.

Step 4 – Receiving a Sample

Following the issuance of the final trading document, sample production will commence as per your request. During our review process, we will examine samples to determine the expected private label appearance, critical dimensions, and performance of the product. Your approval on the received sample will start the production phase.

Step 5 – Production

During production, our product inspection specialists and engineers will keep you updated regarding the status of your order. Once production is completed, an on-site inspection will be performed for the finished goods using an appropriate random sample size. Verification documents will be provided along with live pictures and videos. Once the final inspection documents are approved, packaging will begin.

Step 6 – Shipping

The goods will be ready for shipment once they have passed the final inspection and have been packed as per your requirements. WeLabel logistics team will arrange for the smooth handling of your goods as well as a shipping method that corresponds to previously agreed upon incoterms. We will arrange for the bill of lading (BOL) to be mailed to your address along with other necessary documents.

Step 7 – Follow Up

After shipping, our client satisfaction officers will follow up with you to make sure you are satisfied with the received goods. They will also provide assistance and recommendations regarding online sales, website development as well as marketing campaign strategies that best fit your brand.


In conclusion, private labeling and white labeling are very lucrative strategies. These strategies have boomed in popularity in recent years. Because of the profitability and niche market advantage, many retailers are gravitating towards these methods.


Now it’s time for you to start! Creating your own brand just got a whole lot easier with our services. Share this article and contact us to turn your vision into a reality.

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