Many brand owners, entrepreneurs, and SMEs choose private labeling as their main product differentiation strategy to have a new competitive advantage. Private label brands often aim to create products equal to those of local products or have new features that can support customer’s demands. At WeLabel, our full suite of services including WeCustomize can aid you in this endeavor if it is something you are aiming for to compete in any market whether locally or globally.

Many brand owners don’t have the know-how or the experience to innovate a new product feature. However, with our professional product development team, people historical experience and their reviews are taken into consideration to create a pros and cons list for any product which can be considered as the initial point of deciding the new feature of the product.

Crafting your Branded Product

Crafting your Branded Product

WeCustomize product development team will receive your input which consists of the product description, features and functionalities guideline, and your main brand needs. At any circumstance, you don’t need to be perfectly ready to start creating your future product, our branding and products experts will be there to guide you through the whole process.

WeCustomize Brings Your Product Idea to Life

WeCustomize Brings Your Product Idea to Life

Expanding your brand range can be accomplished through the development of new products. On the basis of your product idea, we customize it on your behalf to meet your requirements. Consequently, you benefit from our comprehensive, continuously expanding expertise in the field of private label. Therefore, we develop solutions based on the needs of our customers.

WeLabel offers private label manufacturing services with advanced progressive solutions for a variety of products with customized packages according to your requirements. All of the products are manufactured under expert supervision and comply with all the regulations. As part of the private labeling process, we provide appropriate guidance, allowing you to create the product of your dreams.

Product Development and Innovation Pillars:

Product Development and Innovation Pillars:


Many products have the right functionality and technology that have been serving the market for too long. However, having a new look and feel can optimize the user experience while providing an increased perceived value which can increase the selling price and have a new slot or piece of the market share cake.


It is normal to have the life cycle of the product prolonged due to not having entrepreneurs or organizations creating a new edge. Having technology included in daily used products especially with the development of IOT can create a new understanding for any product overcoming even the oldest brands in the market.

Product Size

Perceived value is a science that can be directly correlated with the neuromarketing and the capability of a product to be sold. At the time being, products are changing in size, whether that is an increase or decrease, depending on the customer’s needs.


Having different products within the same package and an overall less selling price can overcome many competitive difficulties. With proper product research, collecting different products that can be used together while allowing the customer to have it all in one will make the new product sell faster.

Product Variations and Colors

Some products as simple as straws can be sold for many market segments by having a wider collection of colors, design, and other variations. Having a new product design can spread the market share to influence new age groups or even a different gender to use the same exact product with the same features/functionalities. 


Through product benchmarking, testing, and customer’s reviews it is normal to explore new functionalities or advanced ones that can be added to a product while creating a new brand for it to overcome the traditional market demand.

Packaging Experience

The packaging experience is considered as one of the most important interactive point with any customer. This experience can make a whole brand successful or eliminate from the market. By creating a researched packaging, properly designed, and precisely reflecting the unique selling points of the product, any competition can be beaten.

Benefits of Working with WeLabel

Benefits of Working with WeLabel

By partnering with us, we ensure that WeCustomize line of service will strengthen your confidence in both quality and safety. Developed by a team of industry experts, our quality management and professional supply chain managers can create an ideal product for your brand.

Our Market Expertise

Our Market Expertise

To ensure the success of any product, we share our market expertise with our business partners. In collaboration, we put together the foundation for launching the product prosperously. In this phase, we examine the specific end-user benefits that the product should provide. Based on the results, we determine the potential market volume, the appropriate quality level, and if needed, take legal implication into consideration during production. 

We Contribute and Maintain the Following:

At WeLabel, We Contribute and Maintain the Following:

Professional Label and Packaging Service: As the first thing customers see when buying a product, labels and packaging play a vital role in making a good first impression. The quality of your products will be exceptional.

Flexible Solutions: By working with us, your focus can be on gaining more customers and business development. Thanks to our extensive range of products’ vendors and our vast distribution network, we make the private labeling process simpler, more efficient, and effective.

To accomplish your product success and market goals, you need a partner with supreme knowledge of the industry, assured quality, and the full capability to always meet your branding needs.

With our huge database of verified manufacturers and vendors from China, robust global distribution network, and an experienced team that tailors the solution to your specific needs, you will have everything you need for product innovative solutions.

Why Private Label?

Private labeling is practiced for many reasons, but the most important reason is being able to control the costs of inputs to achieve a desired retail margin. It’s also gratifying to put your own branding and logo on a product, allowing you to differentiate your business and identify your customers.