WeLabel provides personalized and tailored services to create your dream brand. WeLabel assures a very professional and smooth experience that eliminates most of the headaches any entrepreneur or brand owner must go through in the white-labeling process.

How Do We Do It?

At WeLabel, we make your idea a reality.

Input Intake & Branding

Our white label experts take in your input that includes the main brand concept, color palettes, and brand identity to reflect them on your needed products. Customization can include the sizes, shapes, MOQ, and packaging. Most of the time, brand owners can miss some touch points that may have a great impact on the value proposition of the product. At WeLabel and with our expertise, we can recommend tailoring a few aspects of the product to avoid any mishaps. 

Product Mock-Up Confirmation

WeLabel product designers work on reflecting the brand concepts into the product while specifying the ideal packaging and a harmonized the color palette. The design file will be forwarded to you for confirmation, so you can get a better idea of the custom packaging appearance with your branding. Some detailed products might need a 3D mock-up to visualize the small attributes.

Inspecting the Quality

Our belief is that an impressive package will create a memorable unboxing experience and build relationships with your customers. This is why at WeLabel, we don’t compromise on quality. WeLabel’s quality team works on assuring the main specifications and product design tolerance is not crossed by picking random samples from different packages.

Packing & Shipping

The packaging we use for your products will be branded according to the specifications listed in the input intake and branding phase. We assure that products won’t be harmed nor damaged by recommending the proper packing materials and having our inspection team perform various tests. Using your preferred shipping method and according to the agreed incoterms, your product will be shipped with a freight forwarder we trust or by cooperating with your agent.

Why WeLabel?

We prioritize quality.

We offer competitive prices.

We have all the resources you need to grow your business.

We simplify custom packaging.

We make white labeling easy.


White Labelling for Businesses

White labeling refers to the process of giving a specific or generic product a unique identity. While they are manufactured by others, these particular products are sold by your company or under your business name as special products.With white labeling, you can build a brand to make your business stand out from your competition so that people buy those products with confidence knowing that a proper brand backs those products and they are from an original source.

Can You Make a Profit from White Labeling?

The answer is a definitive yes. Being more profitable is the core of every white-label business. Creating your own brand requires considerable effort, but the rewards are much greater. When working with WeLabel, all the headaches and obstacles involved in the process become obsolete.

White Label vs. Private Label

Private label and white label businesses are different in many ways, but they have one thing in common: They are both profitable if you implement the right strategy and follow the guidelines. However, when you're just starting out, white label business may be the right option for you. The future may bring you the opportunity to convert your white label business to a private label.

Below you will find important main points about white and private label businesses.

Advantages of White Label Business

The Advantages of White Label Business:

•  Better recognition of the brand
•  There isn’t much customization required
•  Several suppliers offer this service
•  It’s not too expensive
•  Captivates the attention of customers who prefer branded products
•  Comparatively better margins than other business types
•  Competitive advantage
•  Possibility of moving towards private label business

Advantages of Private Label Business

The Advantages of Private Label Business:

• It is simple to knock out the competition
• It is possible to customize the product
• A higher level of brand loyalty and trust
• A higher potential for repeat sales
• Premium prices can be charged

Thus, it should all depend on your ability to create innovative business ideas to attract maximum loyal customers, increase profits, and beat your competitors. By partnering up with WeLabel, all stages of the process and communicating with different suppliers will be handled by us to ensure a smoother and cheaper deal.